Top Ten Emerging Technologies

The Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies of the World Economic Forum recently released this list of the top ten emerging technologies. They are:

1. Informatics for adding value to information

2. Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering

3. Green Revolution 2.0 – technologies for increased food and biomass

4. Nanoscale design of materials

5. Systems biology and computational modelling/simulation of chemical and biological systems

6. Utilization of carbon dioxide as a resource

7. Wireless power

8. High energy density power systems

9. Personalized medicine, nutrition and disease prevention

10. Enhanced education technology

Read about these technologies here.

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  1. Freddie

     /  19/02/2012

    I was reading this particular article with interest and in particular issue 9 in regard to the ever increasing issue of population size and its effects on medication. This obviously links to what we discussed last week in regard to R2P and whether it can be extended beyond its current form. It reminded me of a press release I read last week in regard to the issue of medication-a recent deal between the EU and India in regard to patents for drugs-effectively meaning that copied drugs are to be severely restricted to those who need it most and given the articles assertion that 2012 will bring on new technology such as synthetic biology could we not be seeing the possible rise of technology coming at a price. Is the ever increasing drive for technology in the west affecting those in the developing world in regard to price as major drugs companies strive to stream line efficiency in the current economic climate?

    Would love to hear what you guys think about this?
    The article link is below

  2. Pablo Restrepo

     /  02/03/2012

    A key industry that is missing is 3-D printing. I believe it will revolutionize the manufacturing and design of products in new user interactive ways. its still in its early stages but really remarkable things are being done.

  3. A lot of the technologies mentioned rely on the development of technology that is not on the list. Information technology, the increasing of food production, and enabling better quality education technologies, particularly in the third world all rely on the advancement of satellite technologies. It is only with the continued development of this primary field that these other exciting technologies will be able to make an impact.


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